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Trump Doesn't Hate Trans People

Trump Doesn't Hate Trans People

The bill earmarks taxpayer money to construct a carrier along the southwest border...

Says a July 27th CNN article of a House approved spending bill for President Trump's infamous Border Wall.  

And I guarantee this is more the driving motivation behind the President's military "Trans Ban" than anything pertaining to the hatred of LGBQT people. 

Now, I'm sensitive to the people the purported Transgender Ban may affect, but I think it's important to make the distinction that it isn't precisely about bigotry and homophobia—Trump is too simple to be driven by things like that. The President has one modus operandi and that is to be adulated by the only people who will adulate him: His now wavering constituency.  And the only way President Trump can save face with this increasingly skeptical crowd is to make good on his high profile campaign pledge to build a wall no one in congress wants to pay for—by siphoning funds from wherever he can.

And while it sounds like I'm simply defending Donald Trump, what I'm actually endeavoring to do is to challenge people to be more analytical when dealing with his behavior.  He knows you—the Outraged Left—can't fathom that he possesses an insidiously effective understanding of how to manipulate public discourse to serve his own ends. A dynamic he uses to create diversionary Twitter-sphere noise while he pushes his legislative agenda through.  

Trump is the living embodiment of the ephemeral dream of free market capitalism, the byproduct of which is unmitigated greed and a thirst for acquisition that is incapable of being governed by ecclesiastical ethics.  Most evident of this is how succinct and terse his Tweet-Statement on the Trans Ban was. Typically, when the President goes after something big he uses his signature inflammatory bombast. However, in this case:

It was surprisingly...Presidential in it's formality.

When's the last time you heard this guy say, "Thank you?"  This suggests he's not looking for the usual ensuing rancor that follows his Tweets.  It suggests, "Let's float this idea with 'The Generals,' see just how much of a fight the public is willing to put up, and do a quick deal with the Department of Defense to scrounge together 8.4 million for this ridiculous wall that I have to build otherwise that black guy will have beat me in the Presidential legacy department."

It's unfortunate that transgender service people who have volunteered to risk their lives for this country are the ones to foot this bill, but contextualizing President Trump's actual intentions will do them better justice than succumbing to the more palatable idea that he's some frothing at the mouth religious fanatic.  To assume he's leading by morality of any kind will leave you blind to what he's actually up to.

Follow the money, people. Not your emotions.  It'll get you past the Allegory of the Depraved.

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